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Auberge Sahara

Hotel in the edge of the dunes

Auberge Sahara is established by the brothers of BOURCHOK a few meters away from the sand dunes of the "ERG CHEBBI ' in the famous oasis by the filming of many international movies like : the secrets of the Sahara, Marrakech Express, the operation condor, Lion of the desert,... in this oasis, the highest Palm trees in the area and the beautiful sand dunes that give a beautiful view especially exceptional from the terrace of the hostel where you can see the sunrise and the sunset and where we can also sleep under the open sky completely stars...

"Local oral legend indicates that the construction of the largest erg of the Morocco» erg Chebbi» was punishment of a God for a few rich families who refused to give shelter to a poor woman and her son during a local festival. They were buried in the sand of the storms that formed of large dunes this measures approximately 160 m tall. The sand is good for patients with rheumatism, they bury themselves in the hot sand in the summer for a few minutes.

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Auberge Sahara


The best Hotel and Bivouac in the Desert of Merzouga, Morocco

Hotel Auberge Sahara

We offer rooms with a bathroom and a private shower, decorated in a traditional style. Our rooms are beautifully decorated and they are very comfortable. There is family rooms, Double and Triple rooms. And if you are a desert lover we provide you Tent Rooms.

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Free Reservation For Children (Under 4 Years Old). The breakfast is included in all the reservation. The cancellation fees are : 25% for 15-30 Days - 35% for 8-14 Days - 50% for 1-7 Days

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A deposit is required for every reservation. Accepted Payment Methods : Cash, Bank Transfer and Credit Card. Additional person per room : +20£.


The family restaurant at Auberge Sahara makes fresh and authentic Moroccan and Berber dishes. We offer tagines, couscous, soups, Berber pizza, grilled meats, salads, omelettes, and many other dishes for lunch and dinner. You can enjoy meals in our restaurant or on the terrace overlooking the dunes. In the morning a delicious full breakfast (buffet for groups) will be served, which includes Moroccan pancakes, bread, coffee, tea, muffins, butter and jam, eggs, yogurt, orange juice, etc ...If you have special diet needs (e.g. vegetarian) please let us know and we will accomodate.

Restaurant Picture
Restaurant Picture

Bivouac Auberge Sahara

To change the pace and who seeks native and classic accommodation auberge sahara organizes simple bivouacs and luxury at the foot of the dunes of erg chebbi and in the desert.

Imagine guiding a camel as a nomad of the Sahara desert. Cross the Orange sands of the dunes of Erg Chebbi on the back of a Dromedary and choose one of the tours through the dunes we offer. We separate our rides camels in two modes:

1-Spend a night in a nomad tent, Bivouac, in the dunes

You will leave for a few hours for a tour through the dunes during sunset in the fascinating colours. You will be welcomed into our tents, in an oasis, by our staff living in tents in the middle of the desert. Towards the end of your trip, After dinner, You can enjoy the music-related activities. The next morning, After breakfast, you return to the hotel.

2. Several days in the dunes. A nomadic experience

You will explore several sites in the dunes of Erg Chebbi. You will visit different nomadic families during your way and will do many nighttime stops to enjoy the calm and tranquillity. You'll have all the time you need to internalize that the Sahara has to transmit: the stars, animal life, the life of the nomads and the”school” desert. This mode may be enforced in a minimum of 2 days or a maximum of 2 weeks. Contact us For more information. Tell us what you have in mind.


Our Bivouac Programs

Activities Auberge Sahara

Auberge Sahara offers you different programs thay you can benefit from during your time in the desert of merzouga.

The best way to know a region that is still to trust the professionals who live in this area and know all the beauty and all the pitfalls. This is especially true in the Sahara. Today more than ever. To enjoy the peace and tranquility. You have all the time you need to internalize that the Sahara has to convey: the stars, animal life, discover the lifestyle of nomadic families. We aim to make you taste the lifestyle of the desert. Because the desert will tell more, he was. So it is for you to live with your eyes to see the charm and richness of this school. We expect you to come live with us unforgettable.


Camel Trekking

4x4 Excursions

Apart from camel trips we also organize 4x4 trips to see sunrise or sunset, a1/2 day tour of the dunes or a full day trip in the desert with a driver guide ;this allow you to drive deep into the desert and met local Bedouin community and nomads from different tribes that keeps the secrets and the wisdom of the deser

Camping Activity

We have tens of places for camping cars if front off the auberge at the edge of erg chebbi sand dunes and under the highest palm trees of the area and others behind the auberge if you prefer quiet when there is wind or much people in the camping with acces to wc, hot showers, restaurant, swimming pool and free WIFI.
We organise differents desert tourism activities such as cameltrips and tours by 4x4 to explore the area (villages, oasis, lacs, nomad and gnawa families, sites of archeology and geology) …

Sand baths

A week to ten days boost your immune system

Sand bath is an ancient Berber technical to cure chronic diseases and joints diseases, muscles and tendons. For the preparation of a sand bath, just an experienced person supervises the operation by digging a hole to measure the size of the patient with a depth generally not exceeding 20 cm. the hole remains open for half an hour to absorb a good amount of heat. Sand baths are beneficial especially for people suffering from rheumatic pains. However, the fact of taking a sand bath without prior medical consultation can turn into a tragedy especially since many deaths were recorded among patients with heart disease.

Contact Auberge Sahara

To reach us, please leave the city of Rissani for about 32 km to Merzouga. 4km before this village you will find the sign of the SAHARA hotel.

  • Ksar Hassi Labiad, Hassilabied, Merzouga, Morocco
  • PHONE / FAX : +212.535.57.70.39
  • GSM : +212.666.76.63.55 / +212.662.19.12.55
  • GPS : N: 31.08.100 W:04.01.122
  • aubergesahara@hotmail.com
  • aubergesahara@gmail.com
  • www.aubergesahara.com

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